My Dating Standards


I've changed my mind! See my weblog dated 7/10/03.


Since I believe repeated romance without commitment is emotional promiscuity, and not pleasing to God, and I also believe that repeated romantic relationships lead to divorce, because those involved learn how to and practice going with one person, and then breaking up, going with another person, and then breaking up, etc, I will not pursue a romantic relationship with any woman until my parents and I have found the woman we believe is the one I should marry, and I have made a commitment of betrothal with her and her parents. Betrothal is defined as a binding covenant between a man and a woman pursuing marriage that can only be broken by divorce. The above will not happen until my father and I decide that I am ready for marriage. I will not choose a wife based on feelings or emotions, but based on the guidance of God and my parents. In conclusion, I will only "date" one woman in my life, my wife.